How To Install WordPress In A Few Step With Web Host

Download WordPress latest version from here WordPress. Make sure you picked out your web host to use whether its free or paid. Paid is the best to have without problems, but then you might be in a rut with money. If you do get free, just make you do some research through search engines first. There are so many that will lie about there features, just to get you to sign up with them, and you will have down times. They never have up time that they claim. Never 99.9%. There are a lot of cheap hosting on the web. Some if you look hard enough will find one that offers free domain with hosting. If you have already got your domain, and hosting setup, then login into your Cpanel. In the Cpanel, Go to mySQL and create a database. Depending on what host you are on it might be little different. Create database name and username for database, and password. Keep that information available, because you will need it for the WordPress install.

Setup your ftp connection. Your host will have these settings in Cpanel for setting up your ftp via FileZilla. It will have you information to put into FileZilla to connect to server to upload your files to the site your are building. Once you did that you can upload the downloaded new version of WordPress to your server. Upload the files inside the folder after you decompress the zip file. Highlight and upload just the files inside the folder like wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, and the other files in that same folder into the root directory of the site.

Once you uploaded all those files successfully to the directory. Load you site You will see a page load to setup configuration file with database you made on the Cpanel. Enter your database information you get from your Cpanel of the database into the fields. Once you did that it will ask you to name your site, and choose username and password for the administration of the site. Now you have WordPress installed.

Now you can go to the dashboard in WordPress, and you can add what you want to the site. Themes, Plugins, Pages, Posts, and configure it the way you want it to look.

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